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PHED came into being to provide clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and a healthy environment to the public. It was originally established as a secondary branch in 1974 which was merged with Communication and Works Department in 2001. However, after the realization of its enormous role in the public sphere it was given the status of an independent department in 2009. Presently, we have divided the province into northern and southern units for administrative purposes. The assigned teams work under two chief engineers. Presently, it consists of 227 personnel, who work devotedly under the supervision of Administrative Secretary and Chief Engineers. PHED


Comprehensive planning and look after of the clean drinking water schemes and sewerage system

The maintenance of latest quality pipes and better machinery for clean drinking water and sewerage system.

The testing and research of hygiene related schemes

The continuous accumulation of statistics and analysis to ensure the quality of water

Increasing the know-how of the staff related to engineering

Our Performance

After its establishment it has not only multiplied water resources but also has brought clean drinking water to the door-steps of the people. It has accomplished its basic responsibility of providing clean drinking water to the 62% people of the province successfully. It had successfully accomplished 4200 and 20 water and sewerage schemes respectively from 2008 to 2012. Our target in 2013 is to complete 14 water and 3 sewerage schemes. We have established laboratories in Peshawar, Malakand and Laki-Marwat to check the quality of water and ensure better health of the people. In the past five years we have completed 682 water cleaning schemes and twenty sanitation schemes.

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Public health Engineering Department
Civil Secretariat, Peshawar.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Paksitan

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